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BMJ in the United States

The BMJ maintains a US edition of The BMJ's website is updated daily, and US readers account for around a third of the total traffic every month. The BMJ aims to provide US readers with a website that prioritizes content that is more relevant to them.

The US edition of includes a homepage and four channel pages (research, education, news, and comment), which are updated daily with articles catering for American physicians, academic researchers, and other healthcare professionals. We hope to provide our US visitors with a website that more directly represents their interests and concerns. Readers can switch between online editions by clicking on the dropdown menu at the top of all pages.

The online US edition is driven by The BMJ’s efforts to increase the quantity and range of US content. The journal has an important editorial presence in the US. Elizabeth Loder in the US is the head of the journal's research section.

The US edition reflects the journal’s role as an international medical publication and its commitment to an international audience.

An editorial published to mark the launch of The BMJ in the US explains more.

US editorial staff

Head of research
Elizabeth Loder

Associate editor
Peter Doshi

US editors
David Ludwig
Timothy Feeney